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Community description:SNAKES DON'T BELONG IN ALASKA.
Dreamwidth's Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid community.

Feel free to post anything Metal Gear related. This includes, but is not limited to:
News & discussions (related to the games, graphic novels, novels, soundtracks, characters in general, movie rumors, etc.), fanfiction & fanart (Gen/Het/Slash is all fine), cosplay, and graphics (icons, layouts, friends only banners, etc).

Put spoilers and big images under a cut. Don't be a jerk. That's it.

Links Out:
Metal Gear Wiki
Metal Gear Wikipedia page
Informative Fansite(?)

Relevant LiveJournal communities:
metal_gear (General)
mgs_slash (For slash fanworks/discussion)
mgs_fic (For fanfiction)
mgsicons (For icons)
mgs_art (For fanart)
fissionmailed (Roleplay community)

Interests (69):

big boss, big shell, c4, campbell, chicken fox, cyborg ninja, decoy octopus, emma emmerich, eva, fatman, fortune, fox, fox hound, fox-hound, grenades, grey fox, hal emmerich, hideo kojima, konami, liquid snake, mei ling, meryl, metal gear, metal gear ray, metal gear rex, metal gear soild 2, metal gear solid, metal gear solid 3, metal gear solid 4, naked snake, naomi hunter, null, ocelot, olga, otacon, outer heaven, para-medic, pliskin, psycho mantis, raiden, raikov, revolver ocelot, rose, shadow moses, shootan gaems, sigint, snake eater, snake's revenge, sniper wolf, sokolov, solid snake, solidus snake, sons of liberty, the boss, the end, the fear, the fury, the joy, the pain, the sorrow, twin snakes, vamp, volgin, vr missions, vr training, vulcan raven, young ocelot, zanzibar, zero
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